Carpet Restoration Services Can Bring Life Back To Your Carpets

When a carpet has served you well for years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it starts to get worn down by wear and tear. A carpet, when it’s first purchased, is a beautiful accessory, and it possesses so many appealing qualities. But over time, these appealing qualities diminish, to the point where you may even be considering total carpet replacement.
Don’t go down this road just yet. Instead, get first-rate carpet restoration services from our trusted team. We save your carpet from an untimely end, and we specialize in repairing Persian carpets. We’re also a top choice for those who need Persian carpet cleaning in Westchester.
There are many carpet restoration services that we provide. The ones we’re asked to deliver most often are carpet recoloring, carpet reweaving, carpet binding, and carpet fringing. To know more about these common carpet restoration services, read through the sections below, where each one is discussed briefly. Each one of these restoration services can be provided quickly and for an affordable price by us.


When Carpet Recoloring Comes In Handy

If your Persian carpets are beginning to lose the colorfulness they once boasted, we can recolor for you. We’ve been recoloring Persian carpets and rugs for years, so we know how to make your carpets beautiful. We understand if you’re a little nervous before you get this service done. Don’t worry, however, as we won’t let the carpet dye run, nor will we let the carpet’s complex design be affected. When we’re done with our thorough recoloring process, your rugs will look like they were just purchased.

We’ll Deliver Carpet Reweaving At Competitive Prices

Carpet reweaving can save your carpet from an untimely end. Persian carpets often require reweaving at least once a year, but if your carpet is exposed to high foot traffic, then there’s a chance you may need this twice a year. If your carpet begins to unravel, you’ll want to address this right away. The more it unravels, the harder it’ll be to get the carpet back to its original state. Carpets that have been damaged by insects, like moths, can also benefit from getting carpet reweaving.

Choose Us When You Need Carpet Binding

If you believe your carpet is on its last legs, then there’s a good shot it could benefit from carpet binding. We bind your carpet using either binding tape or a high-quality sewing machine—depends what the customer prefers. We handle your carpet with care throughout the binding process. We are here to improve your carpets so they look their best.

You Can Depend On Our Carpet Fringing Service

Fringing, like reweaving, is a vital restoration service that can save a Persian carpet. A carpet’s fringe is like its backbone, and when this gets damaged it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the carpet gets destroyed. We provide fringing in a timely manner, and for an affordable price, and when we’re done, your carpet will be enjoyable for years.